Release #1

The Foundation of Efficiency

What is a Release?

A release consists out of updates, new functionalities and improvements to our Business Operating System Software (B.O.S.S.). VimDesk is working hard to develop the most complete all in one business application.

In the first few releases, we are focussing on the core functionalities. Where Release#1 is called “The Foundation of Efficiency”. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated and experience the full potential of VimDesk.


Vimdesk at full potential

Funtionalities Release#1



Get a clear overview of your Accounting details, outstanding quotations and invoices. Keep track of your result over a specific time frame, so you can see if your business is growing and how your client portfolio is increasing.


Simplify your finances with our Accounting tool. This allows you to book incoming invoices and send out quotations and invoices to your customers. Get an overview of your total costs and expenses and manage all potential deals.

Client Management

Sort all your client’s details and have a central place to save all important data. Keep track of activities and measure client values. Our system is GDPR compliant, where you can give specific permission to your staff and other business relations.


It’s Vim-tastic

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