About VimDesk

Make the most of your every day

Our story

VimDesk was founded in response to a need that arisen within one of our sister companies, COTIT.
This need was a requirement for a system that keeps track of the daily activities such as project management, accounting, sales, marketing, and other important activities within the different departments.

Our goal is to get as much activity done with as little resources possible and with the least amount of people. Which is only possible when work is done efficiently and of course with the help of automation. In addition, we experienced that using existing applications can be time-consuming and a cumbersome process. Most of the time Organisations need to use multiple systems for every part of the business

VIM means energy and enthusiasm. We believe that work should be fun and a day behind your DESK should be with full enthusiasm and having the right energy to make the most of every working day.

Saving time and getting work done increases result drivenness, this ensures that workers spend their working hours with positivity and a great sense of involvement.  Ultimately this is great for companies and for the growth of businesses.



Core Values

Everything we do is


We recognise that time is the most precious gift in life. So much time and energy is wasted on activities which are inefficient and don’t make any sense.


We experience that passion is the one thing that makes people go further than the initial standard. With passion it’s almost easy to find greatness.

Result Driven

We believe that everyday should be better than yesterday. As our society is evolving it’s inevitable to not keep up with the developments.

It’s Vim-tastic

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